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I still don't understand the whole controversy over gay marriage.

Civil unions are marriage, but without the name and without the marriage penalty on taxes. Maybe I should have gone to Vermont for one of those. Quite a few more people support civil unions for gays, but not marriage. It is obvious that some people don't like gays. I would think that those people would want the gays to pay higher taxes, and therefore would allow them to get married.

I don't think the federal government should play any role in marriage, nor should they use the term marriage in any legal documents. You are not allowed to discriminate on marital status when hiring an employee. Aww, I'm confused by the signals the government is sending.

I think the only thing the government(state government) should be regulating is the unions of two people and making sure that the legal rights(which are conferred by the union) of those people are not violated.

Marriage is a religion sacrament(sp?). I think the government was wrong to use the same term to describe the bundle of legal contracts which describe the union.

I do not support the government forcing religious institutions to perform marriages which they would not otherwise perform. I don't really see what the religious folks have against it. From what I remember, love for another human is something that most religions encourage. Some consider it a sin to act on that love(if you are both the same sex). Marriage of two men is not a sin. The acts those men may perform on one another probably is, but not the marriage itself.

I would think that opponent of gay marriage would really be much happier if there was gay marriage. The gays would stop protesting and get off the street. You don't want deviants like gays to become heterosexual and breed. You would pollute the gene pool. I would think that they would want to them to go do their sins and burn in hell/wherever.

I support gay marriage because I believe that not to support it is to support sexual discrimination. If 'joe' wants to sign a legal contract with someone, 'joe' should be able to regardless of whether that someone is male or female. No one would tolerate a bank which only gave loans to men.

Well, I guess that is enough ranting.

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