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Emily is hell bent on putting Aiyre on a GFCF diet. The first step went into effect today. No dairy. At least hot dogs are okay. They had sodium lactate, which is not dairy, but has the kind of name to make you think it is.

I get into work and there is just a huge pile of food left from breakfast and lunch. I grabbed a pile of chips, breakfast foods and a fruit tray to bring home. There is a pile of leftover subs in the fridge. Before long chinese food arrived. Oh dear. The appetizers looked okay, but the main course food looked questionable. I'll probably grab some of that on the way home too.

They found a problem with the build last night. I was supposed to verify the fix and get the new build going. We found another problem with the build. I made a fix which we are going to test soon. It'll be another hour before that is tested and the build is running again.

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