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So, I finished my first day on the darksidein Management. What a wasted day. I get totally pounded with email. I have a 7:45 meeting which lasted till almost 9:00. I have a 9am meeting which ran till 10:15am. I have a 10am SRB which lasted till 11:30am. I have a 1pm meeting which ran till 2:15pm. I had a 2pm telecon with Boeing which ran till 3pm.

In the spare time I had, I managed to run down to the cafeteria for lunch, read my email, use the potty, and convince 2 people to run a set of regression tests.

Hopefully today will be less solid. Some of the meetings are only on Tuesday/Thursday. I think the telecon is only once a week, but it is replaced on the other 4 days by a differant meeting.

I've also got my test schedule for the weekend. I've got Monday morning from 2am to 8am. I've also been signed up to supervise on 2/4 from 2pm-10pm. Likewise I'm covering for someone who'll be out of town on 2/18 from 4pm-10pm.

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