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It is snowing again this morning. The nice weather is gone. I don't know if school is closed because the website I look it up on is down. Oh well. I'll find out eventually. There isn't much snow on the ground, but the latest forecast predicted 5-10 during the day today. We'll see.

The mentioned it was Canadian election day today on the news. First I heard of it. I guess Americans don't like to follow foreign campaigns. They gave a brief rundown of the choices. Liberal vs. Conservative. The mentioned some sort of corruption scandal with the liberals. The also mentioned the liberals wanted to stand up to the USA. Not much was mentioned about the Conservatives. I don't get to vote, but I'd go with the Liberals, given the information I have.

I have a section meeting today. I guess it means a free lunch, but the invitation does not mention one. I also have a review to attend today at 1pm. With luck, today will be my last critical chain 8:30 status meeting.

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