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I left work fairly early yesterday(because I got in really early). When I got home I really just wanted to take a nap and have my headache go away. After more than an hour, no dice.


I got up and took Aiyre to the mall. The thought was that we could make her really tired so she'd sleep past 3am. Lots of running around. She really likes the arcade. I think it is because they have a kermit and animal stuffed toy hanging from the ceiling. If only I have 1500 tickets. We won 3 yesterday, so 1497 to go. She also likes Cambridge sound works because they show clips from a lot of her favorite movies on their TVs. She also likes the Reactrix thing.

We ate dinner at the mall. Mmmm Arby's. After she was done eating she ran off again. I followed her and caught up when she stopped in Ben and Jerry's. Once we finished out Black Raspberry ice cream she wanted Dippin Dots too. I guess the chicken and fries from Arby's was not enough. We skipped out on Dots, but she ate 2 hot dogs when we got home at 7:30. Hungry little girl.

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