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Kathy/Kate/Brandon came out to visit yesterday. Was good to see them again. We just hung around for a couple hours and then went to Vinny T's for dinner. Aiyre discovered she likes Fetticini Alfredo. Theirs comes with a lot of sauce. What a messy little girl.

Dispite the light snow we managed to play Vampire again this week. Weather reports predicted anywhere from lots of snow to almost nothing. We got almost nothing.

I did manage to get something setup with the dryer so we can at least use it for now. I've got extra piping and insulation so I can replace the flex hoses and crap that are currently in place.

For fire safety sake I'll have to suck up the lint covering the blown in insulation. So, I got a couple rolls of insulation to lay down and replace any which gets sucked up. I'll have to figure out how to get the vacuum cleaner up into the attic.

That'll have to wait till next weekend.

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