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Blah Blah

We managed to get a little time playing Vampire yesterday. The printer ran out of black ink, so we printed the character sheets in blood red. Blah Blah! Still time to join. We're still working on the environment and such. People need a little time to figure out exactly who they are.

A stop at the nurses office shows I'm down to 95.5 kg (about 215 pounds).

Friday the 13th coming up this week. Watch out! Kate/Kathy/Brandon are coming out to visit on Saturday. At that point, we'll just have the gifts for Marcus to give out. We've got a big pile of pfloyd cloths to return too.

The benefit center assured me that they will take the overdue insurance premiums out of my paycheck. The bill is due tomorrow and the claim that they'll cancel my coverage if it isn't paid. I guess we'll see.

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