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lunch time quiz

Click here to take the quiz.

1) What word best describes missloo12? Californian
2) ryoga77's hair color? dark brown
3) Have you flirted with skyglider? not yet
4) What would pfloyd do differently in your shoes? He'd start more projects
5) If lil_cherub commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? computer geeks and nerds
6) Thoughts on justfortoday? paranoia
7) What is missloo12's shoe size? 8?
8) Does marknamy travel a lot? 30 miles a day(one way)
9) Is skyglider single? yep
10) Did dauphinous break up with you? nope
11) What animal should silvara77 be combined with? feret
12) Is toast14 a nerd? He used to be.
13) What do you agree with ryoga77 about? Evil is good.
14) What is dauphinous allergic to? hay fever stuff
15) Is lil_cherub dead sexy? mmm chicks with brains...
16) What would poshtosh11 think of skyglider? She'd think she was too introspective
17) How tall is pfloyd? hmm.. 1.8 meters?
18) Does silvara77 have a dog? Don't think so.
19) What rank would scarychild have in a giant robot army? Private
20) What is justfortoday's biggest flaw? dain bramage
21) What mental disorder does naughtynymph remind you of? sexaholic
22) How many monkeys could poshtosh11 fight at once and win against? depending on the size, maybe 5
23) Would you ever date naughtynymph? nope, too outgoing for me.
24) Does sexyjoodles know ryoga77? nope
25) Is toast14 a high school student? used to be
26) Is ryoga77 related to you? nope
27) How long would pfloyd dating naughtynymph last? 94 secods(till his wife found out)
28) What song/movie would you recommend to silliwench? king of spain
29) What is silliwench's favorite game? DDR
30) Would missloo12 and dauphinous make a good couple? Hmm.. from the same town, but I don't think dauphinous likes girls.

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