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Last Night

After putting the kids to bed, I decided to head down to Foxwoods last night. I called Norm at about 9:20 to try to sucker him into going. He wanted to hit Hurricane Betty's instead. So, I was off by myself.

Route 122 was snow covered, as it had been snowing since about 4pm. We were only supposed to get 2-4 inches, but it was accumulating really really slow. It seemed to be coming down at a good clip, but then disappearing. I was only on the pike for 2 exits. Just before getting off some wacko, in an SUV, decided we were all going to slow. He passed me and another car on the right and then swerved into the middle lane to dodge two cars going even slower in the right lane. Dumb ass. He went right past the middle lane into the left, off the wall and back across to the left. The car in front of me freaked out and lost control too. I was fine. I slowed gradually and used the rumble strip for traction to go around.

Route 395 was worse than the pike. It still was not too bad, but once it crossed into Connecticutt it got really bad. It was like crossing from Framingham into Sudbury. It was slow and only one useable lane for the next 15 exits.

Once off 395, the back roads were totally awesome, better than the pike. I suspect the money from the casino keeps things in good shape. Really clean, freshly salted and just wet. I didn't get to the place till after 11.

The casino was pretty busy. It was a holiday and a weekend, so the tables were all $25 minimum. I had some fun in the slots, playing Roulette and a little Blackjack. I managed to hit two 35:1 Roulettes which kept my losses to a minumum. It was probably cheaper than going with Norm.

Damn casino/Connecticutt/smokers. I had gotten used to MA where you can't smoke. It was just bad. Smokers all over the place, clouds and clouds of the shit.

Lots of people cramming into the Hard Rock, listening to the various bands and just hanging out. I left at about 1am and it was still full and rocking.

The drive back was not quite as bad. It was still snowing, but the roads had been worked on for the drunks. There was evidence of several places were people went off the road and took out fencing/guard rails. There was one accident in progress which the cops were dealing with.

I got to bed at 2:51, after a shower to deal with the smoke.

Woke up this morning feeling like I had a hangover, but I didn't drink anything last night. The place was so busy the drink people never managed to service me. All I got was a couple sips at a water fountain.

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