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We went to Phil's XmasEve party last night. I had fun. Aiyre had fun. Emily may have had a little bit of fun, but not as much as Aiyre. The problem I have with Karioke is the same I have with most carols. I know the chorus and the first verse but thats it. Even after watching Singing in the Rain one thousand times with Aiyre, I didn't know most of the words to the song.

We got home at 11pm. I was up puking my guts out till around 2am, at which point I managed to fall asleep. I awoke at 6am to get a drink and was finally awake at 8am. I still did not feel good, but assumed I was just hungover. After drinking fluids for a while, I was not getting any better. By 9 I was puking my guts out again. This continued till almost noon.

I've felt like crap all day. I managed to eat a little xmas dinner and some dessert, but thats about it. Everything else came back up, I struggled all afternoon to keep down what I had. I did manage a couple short naps during the day, which helped. I expect I'll have trouble sleeping tonight though.

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