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A couple days ago Aiyre had walked a couple steps on the road in front of our psycho neighbor's house. That section of road is unplowed and would look like the neighbor's yard to the untrained observer.

Today we noticed that psycho bitch had shoveled her entire front yard and built a 1 meter wall of snow at the end of their 2 meter plastic monstrosity. What a waste of energy. Aiyre likes big piles of snow. It is just going to attract her some more. I suppose the perfection of their smooth front yard isn't just marked by a couple foot prints now, but by a massive shoveling effort.

I'm not sure what my feelings are regarding this. I understand that I really should not care what they do to their front yard. If they want to waste their limited time on this planet, then that is their choice. On the flip side, I am angry that they have the gaul to build a wall, entirely in the street, to keep us from walking in the street towards their property.

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