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Two days in a row the bus was within 5 minutes of being on time, which means it was quite a bit earlier than usual and caught us off guard. Weird.

I was already kind of weirded out by a series of strange dreams last night. I had three dreams which were like 3 chapters in the same book. They all involved me going off to college. The main characters were skyglider and my ex-gf from college Kira. We were all going off to college and Kira seemed intent on keeping skyglider and I from becoming a couple. I couldn't tell if she wanted one of us for herself or if she just thought we were not right for each other. The whole sequence started with skyglider and I in bed together. Nothing sexual or anything, just weird and strange. Especially since I've never met her and probably never will. From there it just got weirder and weirder.

The In-Laws arrived this morning and took us out to TGI Fridays(blackstone valley) for lunch. When Aiyre gets home from lunch we'll head over to the hotel for a quick swim before dinner. Norm and the kids are supposed to stop over either tonight or tomorrow. Tomorrow night is the party at ryoga77's house. I'm not sure yet which of us will be going. On Sunday morning, mom and Jim are driving out from Schenectady to visit for a couple hours.

The downstairs toilet is runnning a lot. The 'flap' is getting stuck upright and is not closing. I'm probably going to have to fix it at some point. Right now, a jiggle of the handle fixes it, but it really annoys Emily.

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