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4.5 working days till I go on vacation for the year. Really looking forward. Aiyre and I were going to head out to Mom's house this weekend. I'm not sure if I'll go. It depends on how the snow falls tomorrow.

Aiyre has another loose tooth. Bottom right-hand front. Right next to the last one. She has the top of an adult tooth sticking up in the hole where the last one was. The loose tooth was really upsetting her yesterday while she was eating an apple.

We rented an watched War of the Worlds and The Family Guy in the last couple days. WOTW was pretty good, but somewhat anti-climactic. TFG was pretty good too. Slightly funny, but a good holiday movie. Lots of family stuff and giving thanks and such. Obvious and predictable, but what do you want.

<< I did a spell check, and 'righthand' had a suggested correction of 'Rwanda', for that matter, 'Aiyre' has a suggested correction of 'Zaire' >>

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