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I am mixed on this holiday stuff. I have to drive by some church on the way to work. The church is always putting up signs about jesus this and god that. Now they are trying to tell me that the holidays is really the holy days. I don't know about that.. No one ever invokes jesus at the president's day holiday sales event.

I like the holidays(not holy days). We celebrated christmas growing up. To me it isn't a religious thing. It is a capitalist holiday. Lots of lights, presents, consumption, etc. I like to buy stuff for people. I like to get stuff. I accept that the holiday was created by some imprisoned monk as an inspirational day, that being the first day after the winter solstice that you can tell the days are getting longer. It is not the birthday of jesus, but it is the birthday of about 1/365th of the populous.

This is sort of funny. Its message really seems to be that christmas is religious and all the neo yuppies should just shut up and deal with it. I'm not sure I agree/disagree with the message, but I will not repress it.

I prefer the greeting, happy holidays as opposed to merry christmas. I'm more likely to boycott a store that has a religious message. Now, don't get me wrong, I really really hate Walmart. I like what the christian right is doing to them, but I don't agree with their reasoning.

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