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Emily had asked me a while back how much we could get for a mortgage. I wasn't really sure. I managed to find that your mortgage payment can't normally exceed 28% of your gross income. I'm not really sure how we could afford that. Right now, our payment is around 9.6%. We'd really have to adjust our budget to start paying 28% all the time. What that does mean is that our mortgage amount can be about 3 times what we currently have for a mortgage. We have little chance of finding a house that cheap.

Our Discover card was set to expire this month. I called to get a new one issued and they said they mailed it in the first week of November. We had not gotten it yet. So, I asked for a new set to be mailed. We got the new set yesterday. We also got the original set yesterday. Once we sorted out which ones to keep, I had 4 cards to destroy.

We plan to switch some of out spending to a Citibank Platinum Dividend Select mastercard. This is because that card will give a 5% kickback on some of our purchases(up to $250 or $300 per year). So.. we only plan to use it for those purchases and use the Discover(also about $300 per year limit on kickbacks) for everything else still. The Discover card kickback limit is separate, so we can get about $600 back per year.

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