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Pretty darn cold outside...

Today is the lab holiday potluck lunch. I made up a kielbasa dish last night(baked kielbasa, peppers, onion, and rice). While it was cooking I wrapped some presents. Norm's family's gifts are done and I got the present for Timothy wrapped so I could give it to Mark.

Looks like Aiyre and I will be heading out to visit mom this weekend. We'll probably leave on Friday and return in time for gaming on Sunday. I'll have to wrap Kate/Kathy/Brandon/Mom/Jim's gifts before Friday so I can bring them with me.

My business unit got reorganized yesterday. I was on the Sensors and Surveillance team within the Integrated Defense Systems unit of Raytheon. Now I'm in flux. UEWR got moved into the Maritime Mission Systems team. Taiwan SRP got moved into the Missile Defense team. I'm kind of working both jobs and so I'm on both teams.

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