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The drive home on Friday was not too bad. There were bad spots and slippery spots, but going slow everything was fine. The worst area was Sudbury. That town just does not like to plow. Once across the line into Framingham everything was much better. I only saw one accident. That was on the MassPike. It involved a station wagon(Saab or Volvo) with New Mexico plates which slid and spun its way into the righthand side guardrail. It hit its drivers side front corner on the guardrail.

I saw a jeep almost lose it on the Pike too. There was a section where the wind had picked up and blow loose snow raining down on the highway. I could see the wall of white as I approached but couldn't see more than 1 meter into it. I slowed down as much as I could, as I expected some yahoo to be stopped just inside. There was not anyone stopped in the snow. Once out the otherside(about 20 meters), everything went back to normal(really heavy snowfall). It looked the jeep tryed to slow too much and lost control in the snow. It jackknifed a bunch and finally recovered before the 18 wheeler behind him caught up.

Aiyre seems to really love the snow this year. She has been asking to go outside several times a night and a bunch yesterday during the day. Her outside requests had dropped right off with the cold air.

The problem with getting up at 5am to go to work is you get in the habit. Even when I don't need to go and I sleep in, I am lucky to make it to 7am(2 extra hours sleep).

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