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First real snowfall of the year. We got about 3 inches. Aiyre enjoyed stomping around in her new boots. I got the driveway shoveled off just in time for Norm to stop by.

I didn't sleep well last night. It was almost midnight by the time I got to sleep and when Aiyre wet her bed at 2:30, I had already woken up twice. After getting her settled back in her room, neither of us made it to sleep for an hour or so. By 6:30 or so, I couldn't sleep anymore but lounged around till Evan got Emily up around 7:30.

I walked to Dunkin' Donuts in the growing snow. By about halfway back, I could no longer see the foot prints I made on the way there. I bought some breakfast sandwiches, muffins, and donuts for the crew. I got enough that we'll have leftovers tomorrow morning.

Back to the grind tomorrow. I'm interested to see what shows up in my paycheck on Thursday. I've got work to do on the classified system, but they have not really got it setup yet. They were all working on DSS stuff last week, so we got little support. Now that the inspection is over hopefully things will get back on track.

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