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I decided to skip the Raytheon holiday cube decoration contest and put the decorations to use at home right away. I hung 8 strings of lights, 3 strings of tinsel, and 3 stockings. Evan's stocking will be given to us for Xmas. I've got our tree up and going. Lights are blinking and Aiyre is having a great time. I also strung 2 sets of icicle lights outside.

We went shopping today. I think we hit everyone on the list(and then some). I'll put the gifts behind a cut, so if you don't want to know ahead of time, don't look.

Original List
1. Emily - Can Opener
2. Evan - Baby Einstein DVDs
3. Aiyre - Several coloring books, a new doll, new winter boots, etc
4. Adam/Colleen/Marcus - Alphabet blocks and shapes
5&6. In-Laws - 2 Mystery books, an airplane book and a picture frame
7. Mom/Mr. Jim - Low Energy usage light bulbs and Copy of Random Access Memory book
8. Kate/Kathy - Home Depot gift card
9. KK's Brandon - Several Puzzles and a clean joke book.
10. Norm's Brandon - Far Cry and Cash
11. Norm's Ginny - Border Gift Card
12. Norm - Low Energy usage light bulbs
13. Phil/Will - Two Brass Reindeer Holiday Figurines
14. Mark/Amy/Lilly/Timothy - Dora The Explora Toy and Dora The Explora Book
Late Additions
15. Kathleen - Copy of Random Access Memory book
16. Jackie and Tracy - Plant / Flower thing
17. Justin - Cuisinart Food smasher thing.
18. Ogle Cousins - Cash
Also... a bunch of small stuff to go in the stockings at the last minute.

We are planning on getting some pictures taken in the next couple days to put copies in the holiday cards. The cards are already addressed and ready to go.

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