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I actually got to open some files and look at some code today! I didn't get to make any changes, but it was a first step.

I cancelled the order I placed for a small solar system. The company has been plagued with shipping and distribution problems. I ordered it in October and was sent a 'we shipped it' email within a day or so. I got a tracking number and everything, but UPS never picked it up. It turned out they were waiting for new boxes to arrive. Once they arrived, they ran out of product before mine was shipped. I've been waiting for a month since then for them to be in stock. When I called today, I was told it was another week and a half. That was the 4th slip in the ship date.

Got my money back. It turns out with all the back medical insurance premiums and such, I won't actually get any more pay from Raytheon this year. Additionally, they accidentally overpaid me 72 hours when I went on leave, which I expect they will want back.

I'm ready to go home.

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