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I managed to get a seat in the 10:30 showing of HP4 last night. I enjoyed the movie. Lots of emotion and funny spots. The general feeling in the theatre did not agree with me. I heard people say it was the worst of the bunch. I heard people say it was so slow and boring. I heard people say it lacked the excitement of the others. I heard people say they fell asleep. I heard people complaining about the changes they made to the story. I heard people complaining about stuff they left out(ie. house elves).

The show got out about 1:20am. Off to bed. My cold is waning, but I can still feel it. At least the coughing did not prevent me from sleeping.

Some quick errands and breakfast at McDonalds. Something was going on with their credit card machine and it kept telling them it was rejected. I pressed the issue and managed to get Discover on the phone. The had not rejected anything and had not actually gotten any requests yet today. After 10 minutes of standing at the counter and listening to them argue back and forth in spanish they tried my card again and it worked. Emily and Aiyre were almost done eating by the time I sat down.

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