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After clearing out a room for Evan we decided we'd take the time now to paint the room. We hit Home Depot last night and got primer, paint, etc. We decided to go with a color called Fountain Splash(or something). It is a light blue-green color.

I prepared the room last night so that this morning we could just wipe down the walls and get going. Well, Evan woke up just as the walls were to be wiped. I decided to take the time, while I waited for Emily, to repaint the windowsill in Aiyre's room. I put down two old sheets and took everything out of the way. Not 3 stokes into the painting I snagged on one of the sheets and tipped over about 2 liters of white paint onto the floor. Doh!

We just spent the last 2 hours with a faulty wet-vac sucking paint up out of the carpet. It doesn't look too bad, but I'm sure it will be noticeable and kind of crunchy when it dries. My back is killing me.

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