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TWW built their wall. It is just over 2 meters of white plastic pvc. From our yard it is a bit higher because it is build on top of a 0.4 meter retaining wall.

The wall is made of 4 sections which slightly slant toward our yard. That is, the fence isn't perpendicular to the house, but it is close. The last of the four sections extends into the street. While out inspecting it, I started talking to 'jack', TWW's husband. Boy is he whipped.

Anyway, TWW interjected herself in the conversation causing it to turn sour. She has some mental illness for sure. Aside from obsesive compulsive behavior, she shows signs of paranoia and delusions of persecution. I wonder if there is some anonymous tip line to have some social workers come help her. TWW is planning to put in surveillance cameras and flood lights because she thinks we are sneaking around her yard at night.

They decided to not build the fence across their front yard and as such Aiyre can just run right around it. To help shut them up, I offered to put a couple bushes at the end of the wall as a blockade. Emily bought and we installed a pair of holly bushes in the afternoon.

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