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So... TWW called DigSafe. They came out and marked the gas line. It runs right along their edge of the front property line. Right where they wanted to put the fence. Options....

1. They can still put in the fence, but they would have to pay for any damage to the gas line. The guy suggested, if the fence must be right there, that they dig by hand.
2. The gas lines are plastic and only about the size of your finger.
3. They should be really careful if they dig up the bush which blocks the gas meter and sits over the plastic gas line.
4. He marked and spray painted on their lawn the 'corridor' which property owners are supposed to keep clear. If the gas company has to work on the lines it is the owners responsibility to remove anything in their way.
5. If the build the fence on the line, they may have to remove it if/when the gas company needs access.
6. The guy has no idea how deep the gas line is buried. It was buried 3 feet at the time of construction, but after landscaping and such it may be just below the surface now.

Based on the conversations after the guy left, it sounds like they are going forward with the fence on top of the gas line. It also sounds like they are only putting up the fence so that Aiyre can't mess up their yard while the house is on the market. It isn't on the market right now, but they plan on putting on the market(again).

TWW was out mowing their lawn this morning at 8am. She had moved to the side yard by they time we came out to put Aiyre on the bus. She finished the side and started to rake the front before the bus came(23 minutes late).

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