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So we get this letter in the mail. It is a reminder that we need to use up our Medical Reimbursement Account money(use it or lose it). We have till March of 2006 to submit claims, but the claims must for before September 24th. Ah... Damn FMLA fine print. They cancelled our MRA when I went on FMLA leave.

It seems to me, that if you are on medical leave, that is the time you'll really need the MRA. But no. You can't have it. Good thing I didn't go on leave right when Emily went into labor. I waited 3 weeks. Otherwise all the birthing expenses would not be eligible.

Today, I need to find their website, download the form, find and photocopy an eligible receipt, fill in the form, and mail it out.

Very tricky... watch out for that if you take FMLA leave time.

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