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So, Aiyre and I are out waiting for the bus this morning. After a bit, I hear the window open on the neighbor's house. It is cold enough that we can see our breath. Not a good time to have the window open. After a minute or so, once Aiyre had managed a couple good squeals and giggles, they turn on their TV really loud. They have done this during the summer when Aiyre was outside.

TWW doesn't like the sound of happy childern. It probably burns her ears or something. Why open the window if you didn't want to hear what was going on. Stupid people.

Aiyre managed to be dry this morning. We got her up to the bathroom twice in the middle of the night. We tried to leave her door open when she went to bed, so that she'd know she could get up and use the potty. After only a minute or two she got up and closed the door before heading back to bed. I guess she assumed we forgot the door, so she fixed it. Well, for now, we have to get up and feed Evan, so we can get her up too.

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