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What a windy, rainy day. It had let up enough by 4pm that I made burgers on the grill. It was still windy, but the rain had stopped for the moment. Along with the burgers we boiled up some broccoli and mac-n-cheese. Turned out the broccoli had gone bad or something. There were worms and shit that came out when we boiled it. Icky Poo. After making up a new batch of frozen mixed veggies, we ate. After the burger dinner we headed over to Solomon Pond Mall for a little running around.

On the way out we saw that the wind had knocked over the neighbor's For Sale sign. Damn wind. Emily got her watch fixed at the mall and Aiyre ran around a bunch. They opened up a Halloween costume place which had some Incredibles costumes which Aiyre really liked. She kept running back and forth from there to the Arcade across the hall. We eventually made it to the disney store and Aiyre got some new PJs.

She's been pretty consistantly wetting the bed and so going through PJs pretty quick. We don't seem to make much headway on keeping her dry. We are up feeding Evan several times in the middle of the night and so we get Aiyre up to go potty, but to no avail. Wet in the morning.

The neighbors still have not put the sign back up, although the little sign on the corner is still up.

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