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So, the wicked witch(TWW) was out raking up the leaves in her front yard today when Aiyre got home from school. Very quickly the session turns into a yelling match/insultfest. TWW seemed intent on going forward with spending money to build a fence around her front yard. I, personally, can not see spending the money when they are moving. As TWW put it, when you get older you have more money. If TWW wants to blow her money doing that, then go for it. TWW is planning on putting their fence out to the edge of her grass, which is about 15 feet into the street. I warned them about it, but TWW did not listen.

TWW continued to yell and flip out as we talked and Aiyre ran around obvilious to the situation. Every time Aiyre got near her lawn, TWW would stop raking and move over to shoo her out. TWW kept threatening to do something(call the cops, call DSS, etc). I eventually insisted that TWW call the cops if she thought something was wrong. Every time she'd start a sentence, I'd interrupt with 'Call the police!'. It eventually shut her up.

She did end up calling the police, who arrived about 90 minutes after the incident. The lone patrolman stopped by and talked to her. After a bit, he came over and talked to us. Pretty much he said the following :

1. TWW is different in the head. I offered 'insane', but he wasn't willing to go that extreme.
2. Hope the move soon.
3. Try not to harass them. He suggested we just respond with something like, "Thank you, have a nice day." or "Goodbye, neighbor.", etc.
4. If they build a fence into the street, let the city know and they will take care of it.

Emily was encouraged that someone besides us thought the she was 'touched', 'not all there', 'missing a marble', etc. At least we didn't get arrested or anything. If I am going to bitch about TWW this much I should get a photo(for a userpic) to post. I think she'd flip out if I took one though. Maybe tomorrow morning while she is raking in her bathrobe.

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