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The nasty neighbors are moving again. This time they claim they don't know where they are going, but will probably just get a condo or apartment. We guessed it when they had a visitor earlier in the week. Now the Assist2Sell sign is up in the yard again.

As a result the woman, who was totally anal before, is now really really anal. She goes out to wash her driveway twice a day and rake up leaves twice a day.

Yesterday morning she came over and told us to keep Aiyre from touching her bushes. Aiyre likes her bushes and she is afraid they will get broken. I asked Aiyre, while she was standing there, not to touch her plants. I told the woman that she was Autistic, and that she wouldn't listen/understand. She then was getting angry and yelled that she was a nurse and knows all about autistic kids and that Aiyre understood just fine. Whatever. She threatened to call 'Child Services'. She also threatened to put up a 7 foot fence around her front yard. Later she mused that an electric fence would be better. 'Give that child a good shock.'

While I doubt you can put up an electric fence in the city residential area, I would be more afraid of them burning down the house than hurting Aiyre with it.

Someone, Anyone, please buy the house. I see them signs up that say, "We buy houses". Maybe I should leave them the phone number of the place.

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