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Damn Tomatos

So, our only surviving tomato plant has its first 7-8 tomatos on it. They are all still green and quite small. The weather is getting kind of cold and such. I don't think they are going to ripen on their own. Maybe we'll have to move the tomato plant inside for the winter so we can eventually harvest something.

Today was somewhat productive. We went grocery shopping this morning, but forgot stamps. So, I took a biek ride down through Millbury to the Grafton post office to buy some stamps and mail a belated birthday card to my sister(Oct 6th). I made it to Home Depot for some gravel, top soil, mulch, paint remover, paint brushes, and some new bulbs for the dining room light(which I have to return tomorrow). I also made two trips to the stone block store to get cap stones for the wall. I got all the stone installed along with all the gravel, top soil, and mulch from the Home Depot. I also got the grill back out and made up burgers for dinner. All that in addition to getting Aiyre up, making her lunch and breakfast, and getting her on the bus(which was 45 minutes late).

I wonder if Phil is planning a Halloween party for this year. Aiyre and I would sure like to attend. Hint Hint Nudge Nudge.

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