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To select my work benefits for next year I need to use their website. Last year they had a automated phone system. Well, with a dialup connection the website is very annoying to use. The whole thing is slow and secure.

The problem is that I can not find the place where you actually sign up for benefits. The front page has a nice splash thing with the whole benefit enrollment thing. The link just takes me to 'Manage my Benefits' and there are no links to enroll. When I go to other pages on the site there is a big red 'Enroll Now' button which just takes me back to the 'Manage my Benefits'. They even have tools to help me decide which plans to take. They don't, however, have any way for me to actually take those plans.

The enrollment period was supposed to be October 12th to October 28th. I guess I have another week or so. Hopefully they will get their stupid website up and running.

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