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Nude News

We forced Aiyre to give up diapers as of last night. She screamed and yelled for an hour before giving in and going to bed. This morning we found her clean and dry. Yippee!

Norm and I hit The 99 last night and then headed out to Oxford to see some nakedness. Norm had a gift card from Raytheon for The 99, so he bought the beer and the potato skins(with cheese and bacon). He also bought the first round in Oxford. After a shower, I got to bed about 2am. Emily was up finishing off a feeding for Evan.

Justin and Andrea are supposed to be coming over today for some gaming. No one has heard from Andrea and I don't expect she will come. Oh well. There are plenty of other games to play. I do wonder if and when Adam and/or Colleen might return to the game.

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