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Today is Aiyre's last day of school this week. The school is out tomorrow for teacher development. I was thinking about taking her out somewhere. Maybe the Southwick Zoo.

Friday night I was planning on joining Justin for poker night at his place. It will be nice to get out and meet some new people.

My birthday is Monday, so be sure to stop by for cake and ice cream. Thanks to Phil for being the one person to email Emily for her birthday. I'll probably go out Saturday night for a drink or two.

We rented The Marksman, Mercury Rising, and The Replacements a couple days ago. We've seen Mercury before, but now with Aiyre the movie takes on an alternate feel. The Marksman is a must skip. Looks like straight to video crap. The only thing which Emily thought was funny is that they got Wesley Snipes to play a sniper. Snipes.. sniper... hehehe. We didn't get to watching The Replacements yet, but someday. I'll probably take a bike ride today and return the other two.

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