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Land of the Lost

We had Evan's 1 month doctor appointment this morning. We got totally lost on the way. The doctor moved to Uxbridge, which we were told would be a short hop down 146. Turns out the practice is really just off of 122, not 146. We live on 122, so that might have been a better route.

This was the doctor's first day at the practice, so she wasn't updated in the BCBS computer yet. The office couldn't accept the medical card because no PCP was selected and we couldn't select a PCP because the doctor wasn't listed yet. They eventually change the PCP to be the same doctor at her old practice and put in a note. We need to call in a week and get them to fix the PCP and adjust/reprocess all the claims. Aiyre has an appointment with the same doctor next week, so we'll see if it is fixed by then.

Evan is up to 23 and a half inches long and 13.2 pounds. That would explain why the diapers and cloths don't really fit anymore. We assumed he would only be up to about 10 pounds based on his age. I think they said that he was at about 95th percentile for size and 99th percentile for weight.

Based on how much he has been eating in the last couple days I would guess he is having another growth spurt. Time to break out the 6 month cloths.

I've had a headache, joint pain, and fever all day. It probably is just a lack of sleep, but with all the mosquito bites I've had in the last week, I feel like it is West Nile.

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