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I finished up The Right Hand of Evil a couple days ago. It was not scary or really even very interesting. Since then I read Robin Cook's Invasion. I found this to be a much better book, even though Emily did not like it. Next on the slate is Robin Cook's Coma.

Emily and I finished up Half-Life2 a last week and have begun working on Doom3 again. We don't get to play much, but when we do it is nice to have something to play. Aiyre is not really into Doom3 but because the graphics in HalfLife2 are so real she seems to really like watching it. She especially likes the section where the Antlions pop out of the sand and charge at you. It shocks her and she giggles and such. I think we have a horror movie fan in the making.

The wall it just about done. I've got all the blocks in place but need to put some cap stones on to make it all look nice. I've got a bit of back-fill to do as well. I've been digging up the boulders in the lawn and putting them behind the wall. I've gotten 3 moved so far. The latest is about 1/3 of a cubic meter. Big heavy rock.

Time to go wait for the bus...

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