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Justin came over yesterday and finished off the cake for us. We still need to tackle the ice cream today. He thought the baby was cute, but really, who has to balls to go visit someone and say, 'wow, that is a really ugly baby.'

Andrea never showed up, so we didn't get to play Star Wars yesterday. Instead we played a round of Munchkin Fu and then a round of Illuminati. I managed to win both, but I think everyone had fun anyway.

It turns out the PKU tests which had to be re-run was because they screwed up the whole batch of tests the first time they ran them. I wonder if they are going to charge us another set of lab fees? Evan has another doctor appointment on Wednesday. Hopefully I can had the baby photos from Emily's birthday and such posted by then.

I slept okay last night, but my stomach has been cramping and giving me pains all morning. I suspect it is all the cake and ice cream coming back to haunt me.

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