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My wifes birthday went off without a hitch. First thing in the morning, Aiyre and I baked a cake for the party. Aiyre and I hit the pet store later that morning and bought Emily three Tiger Barbs as well as a new aquarium bulb. On the way home we picked up some pizzas at Little Caesars. Mom had arrived by the time we got home and had gotten some quiet time to hold the baby.

Mom is still stuck in the wheelchair from her Motorcycle accident in August. Of the two metal plates attached to her hip one has broken again, but the other one is holding. She'll be in the wheelchair till at least the 18th, so we are not going to visit over my birthday.

Norm and family stopped by to visit in the evening after Mom had left and helped us finish up the cake. We still had a about 1/4 of the double layer cake left this morning and lots of ice cream. Justin and Andrea are stopping by today for some baby time and some gaming. With luck they will eat some cake and ice cream too.

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