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I managed to get enough time earlier today to ride my bike over to the bank and then over to Blockbuster to rent a couple movies. I seem to have Nuclear Terrorism on the mind as I rented The Peacemaker and The Sum of All Fears. Not sure when we'll get to watch them, but I've got them for 2 weeks, so I should have some time between now and then.

Speaking of then, Aiyre and I are planning on heading out to visit my mother over the Columbus day weekend. I hope to get a chance to see Kathy, Kathy, Kari, and anyone else I know in the area with a name that starts with 'K'. Kathy and Kate just moved to Schenectady and I have not met their kids or seen their house yet. They live right near Central Park so Aiyre will have something to do while we catch up. Kari I have not seen in a really long time, and she lives closer to Albany. Aiyre has off Friday and Monday, so I can make it a 4 day weekend. It is also my birthday weekend, so I may have to go out and party a little.

There was an interesting bit in the latest Money magazine which indicated that if teens put $4000 into their IRA during while they are 14-18 and then stopped saving for retirement, they would have over 1.1 million by the time they get to retirement age(assumes 8% return). I didn't make that much when I was in that age range, but the IRA limit was lower too. Still, had I known, I would have taken some of the money to invest. I could have increased my age 72 IRA by about 325K.

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