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Finally, the weekend.

Tomorrow we are heading up to Canobie lake for the day. They currently have 20% chance of rain and isolated storms predicted for Salem NH. With luck we won't get rained on.

I noticed on CNN a bit about intelligent design versus evolution in some new court case. I hold in the evolution camp. I acknowledge that it is possible that someone or some group engineered life and seeded our planet. It just seems strange that so intelligent a group would waste its time(millions and millions of years) putting dinosaurs and such into the rocks in an attempt to fool us.

It is one thing to advocate that life was seeded at the single celled level and allowed to develop(via evolution) from there. It is quite another to suggest that some group so intelligent as being able to populate the entire planet at once with complex developed life forms would bother to spend the effort to put dead animals buried in the rocks and such. Why did the group feel the need to create strange single celled animals around volcanic vents on the ocean floor? Did this group also blast the rocks into sand? We know plant life helps break down rock and can demonstrate the process. If they created the life they would have to create the sand for the life to grow on first.

The final and most damning, in my opinion, argument is this. Who created those who created us? They are intelligent and complex. Did they evolve? Did some other group create them? It seems a circular argument. It is like a proof by induction which is missing its base case. Something complex and intelligent had to come into being without being created by someone else so that it could create other things. Their 'theory' doesn't cover that case and therefore is not yet a complete theory worthy of review.

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