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They are building 4 blocks of 3 unit townhouses across the 122 from us. Their watermain connection is on our street so they have been digging up our street for the last couple nights. Last night they turned off the water, without notice, some time before bathtime. The water was back on again this morning about 4am, but it was still a pain. I thought they had to provide notice to people if the water was going to be out. What if we needed to make formula for the baby and there was no water?

I went outside to get some pictures of the Prius so I could make a userpic, but none of them came out good. I'll try again later.

They are also building 3 more townhouses behind us so they are pounding and hammering all day. With the construction equipment out front all night(5pm to 4am) and the construction behind us I am exhausted. I can't sleep at night and I can't sleep during the day.

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