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The Prius service was quite expensive this time. It was the 60K service and covered air filter replacement, engine coolant replacementm engine oil and oil filter replacement, inverter coolant replacement, spark plug replacement, tire rotation, a bunch of inspections, and A/C filter replacement. I needed the front brake pads replaced, so I had that done at the same time. It came up to just under $913.73

Labor was $495 and the most of the rest was parts, while 11 bucks was oil disposal fees. I wonder if Norm is going to put in a lower bid for the next service.

I've kind of lost track of the days, I did not realize it was Thursday already. The 4 of us are now planning to go to Canobie Lake this Sunday. I expect Emily and Evan will do a lot of sitting and such while I chase Aiyre all over creation.

Aiyre seems to be adjusting to school. She seems to really like Art, Music, and PE/recess but not much else.

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