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Aiyre and I went last night to the Family Fun thing. She enjoyed the Elmo moonwalk thing. She ran around a bunch and we shared an ice cream. It started to rain, she continued to run and eventually allowed me to take her home.

Today, all four of us went over there for a couple hours. I bought a raffle ticket. Aiyre did the moonwalk thing again. Everytime she went on one of them I had to climb in and pull her out. She can be so annoying. We had a hotdog and some ice cream again. Aiyre wanted to use the big slide they setup, but was too afraid once she got up near the top. Eventually someone had to climb up and get her down.

I'm back to work tomorrow. I do not expect to actually get any work done. I'll spend most of my time reading emails, showing off baby pictures and filling out the forms to get the FMLA time. Emily will take Evan over to the doctor to get the PKU form and then over to the hospital to retake the test.

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