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Well, I've had a headache for most of the day. They have been running execises, fire alarm tests, earthquake tests, etc. all day. Everytime they do, the come booming over the P/A system. When the did the fire alarm tests, the alarm goes off in the area being tested. The main alarm control panel is right behind my desk and whenever any alarm is going off, the panel emits a high pitch whine.


All airforce personnel then pretend to be on an original Star Trek episode and throw themselves around.

Lucky for us we were issued badges which state that we are Not Players. This make 4 badges I have to wear. I'm not even wearing the normal Raytheon badge, that would make 5 badges.

Phil(Billy Guan) is leaving for a 4 day weekend snow boarding trip on Thursday. That will leave me without a knowledgable operator. I'll be forced to bungle along on my own.

My wife arrives on Friday. Valentines day is Saturday and with Phil(Billy Guan) on his trip, I will not be allowed to take the day off.

Well, look at the time, well its off to bed, off to bed. - Cogsworth(beauty and the beast)

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