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When it rains

I noticed this morning some cracking in the driveway. I hit home depot for some driveway patching stuff. I need to wait for a day with no chance for rain, so it can set for 24 hours.

The start knob broke off the dryer. The part will costs 6.15 but will cost 4.95 to ship. For now we are using a pair of plyers to turn the start post that the knob attached to.

My paycheck came in the mail today. It looks like as of Friday I've used all the PTO I need to use in order to take FMLA time. Sort of. I need to use up my 'carryover' time from several years ago, but I can not do that until my available PTO balance is really ZERO. I was only required to use up all the earned PTO. In order to use the carryover I have to burn off the PTO which I would have acrued, had I worked, for the rest of the year. Maybe they'll have a loophole so I can use it just for this purpose.

We've also started getting Hospital bills for the birth. They are trying to charge us 400+ bucks because they ran out of normal rooms and had to give us a semi-private room. Overall the bills are about 1000 bucks. I do not remember the first kid costing anything at all much less that much. I guess Emily's insurance plan was better than BCBS of MA.

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