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Managed to wake up in time to get Aiyre on the bus again this morning. I made up her lunch and made breakfast for us. Once Emily and Evan were up and dressed I went over and bought some cap stones for the wall. I've only got 17 more blocks to install plus the cap stones. After that I'll need to rent a roto-tiller to smooth out the lawn. Right now you need stong ankles to walk around.

Evan seems to be getting along fine, but is still sleeping a lot during the day and awake for several hours at night. We called to schedule his 1 months doctor appointment this morning. We also scheduled car maintenance and oil changes for the Honda on the 20th and the Prius on the 21st. The Honda had an ECM recall, so they will do that at the same time they change the oil and such.

After that trip to NY over the weekend I'm going to need to fill up the gas tank again either this weekend or early next week. I've got about another 100 miles I can go on my existing tank.

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