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The reception was great. I had to drive and take care of Aiyre so I did not drink at all. My stomach has been acting up again, so that was probably for the best. They stuck all of Arianne's college buddies at one table. That was a great plan. I ended up knowing almost everyone at the table. One of Arianne's friends, whom I recognized but can not remember the name of, brought her husband and daughter. The husband and daughter were the only ones I didn't know. Besides them there were about 90 more people at the reception and I only knew the 8 at our table plus the bride and groom. I guess most were family.

Aiyre was willing to let the other two kids at the table share her toys, so the table was actually pretty quiet. I couldn't hear anyone beside the people next to me because of my hearing problem and the load music. They brought out appitizers and such I thought that was it for food but boy was I wrong. There were 4 courses including dessert, all buffet. There was plenty of food, but I wasn't really hungry. Most of the time, I was worried about Aiyre or I was fighting with Aiyre to get her to sit down and eat something herself.

Kathy and Kate sat on the other side of Aiyre and really helped out. They were awesome. I am really looking forward to visiting them next time I see mom. Kate is some sort of social worker for kids with disabilities and was just spectacular with Aiyre. Aiyre is never shy, but she really took to them. I got their cell numbers and when the get setup with the computer and internet access I hope to get their email address. Maybe I can get them onto LJ.

We left about 8 and after a bath, Aiyre was pretty cranky so we went to sleep. She slept much later than she did the night before. We planned to hit the road right after we got up and showered.

While I was exiting the room with the bags Aiyre ran off. She went down the hall and around the corner. She ended up going over to the elevators, pushing buttons till one came and heading down to the lobby. When I finally caught up with her she was back in the restaurant we had breakfast in the morning before. The waitstaff recognized her and cornered her. She was crying and upset at them when I got there. I had to drag her back up to get our bags which I had left just laying in the hallway.

After that vacation I need a vacation.

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