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Aiyre was a terror at breakfast. We eventually had to switch tables and then leave. She was upset and I was pissed her so we didn't really eat too much. It was a buffet, with a good selection, though there was no butter or jelly for toast and the toaster wouldn't toast anything. It would warm bread, but not toast it, even on the highest settting.

We hit the pool after breakfast. I just paddled around because I had already done my hair for the wedding. Aiyre didn't hold back and was jumping in and such.

About 11am we did a dry run on the route provided to the church. Good thing too, we got lost over and over. We managed to find the reception hall, which was not even on the way to the church, before we found the church. It took 75 minutes to dry 5 miles. We grabbed a quick lunch and went back to the hotel to change clothes. Aiyre has pretty much accepted that Cheeseburgers are good. She will even eat a McBurger. That saved some time. We changed quick and drove back to the church. We got there just before the groom's limo, about 2pm.

Aiyre didn't really cause too much trouble at the wedding. She was pretty quiet and played with her toys. Oh sure, she tryed to escape a couple times but Kate and Kathy helped block her. It was really great to see them again. I never really knew Kate, but we got along great. They just moved to Schenectady! I'll be able to visit whenever we visit mom. Cool. As the wedding ended and the bride and groom were leaving the music played was the theme from Peanuts, which we all thought was awesome.

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