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Left home for White Plains just after 4pm when Aiyre got home from school. We stopped for chicken McDinner at McDonalds just across the border into Conn. She is holding up good so far. Traffic has not been too bad yet.

Around the 84-91-15 interchange I messed up and ended up on the local route 15. The traffic is all local with stop lights and progress is very slow. I was supposed to get on 91, so at the first chance I switch over to 91. Once switched I realize that at that point I was supposed to switch from 91 to 15 so I'm still on the wrong road. I take a local route and cut over to 15.

The south-west portion of route 15 is very pretty. I really like the highway design. It could get clogged very easily and it would be difficult to get on and off with the short entry ramps, but I'm staying on it till the end.

Once I get down to the White Plains area, I manage to get to the hotel from 15 with only one more mistake where I blew my the exit too fast. I had to stop and back up.

The room is nice and the bed has like 8 pillows on it. We brought 2 extra just in case. Damn TV. I only get to watch TV a couple times a year and tonight had to be the night that all the freaking stations would broadcast the Hurricane Relief concert. I guess it is off to bed, after giving Aiyre a bath.

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