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I thought gasoline operated under the laws of supply and demand. People are complaining about price gouging and such. If you don't think the fuel is worth 6 dollars a gallon, then don't buy it. Vendors selling gas should raise prices until supply drops off and find the point of maximum profit. You can even plot up a nice graph. Lower prices mean more sales at a lower profit per sale and higher prices means fewer sales with a higher profit per sale. Somewhere inbetween is the point of maximum profit for the vendor. That should determine the sale price. That is how the system works. Economics 101.

I found an advertisement in the USAToday for Xcelplus, which claims to be a one time engine treatment which increases vehicle fuel efficiency by 6-17 percent permenantly. They claim it is the original Slick 50 engine treatment. Seems like it must be a scam. Anything which really did this would be added by the manufacturer to make thier product more marketable.

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