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The baby sleeps much better on our bed than he does in his crib. Therefore I've got the floor for now. Once the in-laws leave on Sunday I can use the couch.

Aiyre had her first day of school this year. It was a fiasco. We were supposed to get a letter from the school telling us when the first day was, who the teacher was, when the bus would come, etc. No letter. We called and eventually found out the first day was today and the bus would arrive at 8:25. Well, by 8:45 we had no bus so I had to drive her to school. They told us that the busses don't start running till Tuesday. Nice of them to mention that. So, I've got to pick her up at 3. About noon, while I'm mowing the lawn, they call and tell us she'll be taking the bus home. wtf?

So, they are talking about this disaster... Has it occurred to anyone that the rest of the country is paying for other people's stupidity? Floods along the Mississippi, earthquakes on fault lines, hurricanes along the coast, tornados in the plains, snow in the mountains and northern areas are just part of life. Part of doing business and living in those areas. The rest of the country should not continuously pay for Floridians to build houses in an area where hurricanes destroy them. We shouldn't be paying to rebuild their roads and infrastructure either. They should be collecting all that money in local taxes and fees. If it becomes too expensive to live there, then people will move away(as they should).

Once the fault lines were discovered anyone living/working near them should have to sign away their rights to accept aid in the event of an earthquake. Likewise for those within 50 miles of the coast. Building an entire city below sea level is just stupid. Like hello, the ocean levels are rising. Pretty soon they'll need a 100 foot wall around the city. My advise. Abandon the remains of the city to the gators and move inland. It will be cooler and less humid too. Stupid people.

Sure we should help those injured and sick and such. The help should be smart though. Don't help them relocate back to New Orleans. Help them found a New New Orleans 50 miles north of there.

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